Apr 252009

Ghibli Museum

Being fans of Hayao Miyazaki Ghibli films, we decided to make a visit to the Ghibli Museum on this trip.

Tickets usually have to be purchased well ahead of time either in your home country or in Japan. In our case our friends picked up tickets for us from Lawson’s in Tokyo about a month before our arrival. (For more info on buying tickets, see link below.)

Ghibli Museum

Once you get to Mitaka Station you can catch a Ghibli themed bus or make the 15 minute walk to the museum. We decided to walk since it’s not too far and it was nice weather out. All you need to do is follow the signs along the sidewalk like in the top photo.

Ghibli Museum

During spring there are also some nice flowers along the way. Once you reach this sign below, you know you’ve made it!

Ghibli Museum

Sad to say there is no photography allowed in the museum. And from what I read on other blogs, they are pretty strict about it so I didn’t even try. Instead I’ll just say that if you are a fan of Hayao Miyazaki, this is a fun place to check out!

Oh and one other thing – when you give your ticket at the front, they give you back this cool ticket that includes three film animation cells. My ticket had cells from Princess Mononoke. Others around me in line had animation cells from Kiki’s Delivery Service and Porco Rosso.

Ghibli Museum Ticket

Ghibli Museum Website

Our route was from Ikebukuro to Shinjuku Station on the JR Yamanote Line. Then from Shinjuku Station to Mitaka Station on the JR Chuo Rapid Line. From the station we walked south east following the cute Ghibli Museum signs all the way there.

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