May 142009

Akihabara Maid

After Ginza we headed for the electronics district of Akihabara. At almost every corner there seemed to be a cute maid or other cosplayer handing out advertisements on pamphlets or tissue packets.


We were in Akihabara to look for a couple of things like noise canceling headphones and a navigation device, but didn’t see one at a price we wanted so we mostly just browsed around the stores until it was time to meet more of our friends at our next stop…Kappabashi Dori.


To get to Akihabara on this day we took the Tokyo Metro Hibiya Subway Line to Akihabara Station. From either the subway station or JR station you’ll want to head west-northwest to get to the main Chuo Dori road in the Electric Town area. If you are looking for Yodobashi Camera, I put a little blue marker on the building in the map below.


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