May 182009

Yebisu Beer

To end this day we headed on to Ebisu Station. While Ebisu is a very nice and modern shopping area, our goal was the Yebisu Beer Museum!

Yebisu Sky Walk

Above is the Yebisu Sky Walk. On either side is a moving walkway, great for those aching feet!

Sapporo Beer Station

Here were some old Sapporo Beer posters looking very nostalgic…

Sapporo Beer Posters

This was a pretty interesting place. If you like Sapporo or Yebisu Beer at all, I suggest a visit. Admission is free and the sample of four beers in the top photo was quite reasonable…about $5.00 if I remember correctly.

Yebisu Beer

Beer Museum Yebisu is very easy to get to. We caught the Yamanote line to Ebisu Station then exited to the Sky Walk. After getting off the moving walkway we crossed the street to Ebisu Garden Place. Here we walked towards the left (east) passing Mitsukoshi Department Store. Beer Museum Ebisu was right around the corner.

Beer Museum Yebisu
Yebisu Garden Place, 4-20-1 Ebisu
Shibuya-ku, Tokyo