Apr 272011

Uosou Tsukiji

On one of the winter nights back in Tokyo, our friends took us out to a great dinner at Uosou Tsukiji.

Uosou Tsukiji

We started with a couple appetizers, the ikura below was really tasty!

Uosou Tsukiji Ikura

Then we started with the fish dishes.

Uosou Tsukiji Fish

Uosou Tsukiji Sashimi

The sashimi and sushi were both really fresh!

Uosou Tsukiji Sushi

And because we are staying away from meat, we had a fish nabe with tofu, mushrooms, and veggies that warmed us up nicely.

Uosou Tsukiji Nabe

Nabe with ponzu dipping sauce, my favorite!

Uosou Tsukiji Fish