May 052009

Ikebukuro Desserts

Heading to the station around 11:30 am, we peeked into one of the Ikebukuro Department Store basements – either Tobu or Seibu.

Ikebukuro Desserts

They all looked so beautiful!

Ikebukuro Desserts

May 032009

Japanese Roll Cake

Normally I’m not that big of a cake person, but I really like these Japanese Roll Cakes. Here’s one that we picked up from a konbini [コンビニ] and ate in our hotel for breakfast. They are just so soft and moist!

Jun 012008

Hiroshima Shopping

Before dinner we went for a really quick walk around the hotel.

Hiroshima City

The photo at the top is Hondori Shopping Arcade. Lots of cools little stores in this covered shopping area.

We had dinner in the hotel which was ok, pretty much the same as any other hotel buffet. But there was a very nice selection of desserts…

Hiroshima Desserts

Hiroshima Desserts