Nov 232010


With fall turning into winter in Japan, it is time for some cold weather food photos! Here are some pictures of a dinner that we had at our friend’s house in Chiba.

This post is also my submission for this month’s Japan Blog Matsuri, hosted over at Surviving in Japan.


The theme this month is “Fall is the season for eating”, so here are some pictures of our warm oden dinner. From appetizers, to rice and soup…

Rice and Soup

And finally the star, a nice big pot of oden. In this pot we had daikon (radish), ninjin (carrots), shirataki (konnyaku noodles), konbu (kelp), aburage (deep fried tofu pouch) stuffed with mochi, and a variety of fish cake such as gobo maki. And when eating oden, don’t forget about the karashi (Japanese mustard)!


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Jul 182010

Konbini Oden

On this morning we were still feeling pretty tired from the long flight, so instead of going out for breakfast we had something that we just picked up from the 7-Eleven konbini [コンビニ] and brought back to our room…oden!

Oden is a very popular winter dish in Japan and very delicious and comforting when steaming hot like this. At 7-Eleven you can choose which items you want in your oden. We chose daikon (radish), shirataki (konnyaku noodles), and satsuma age (fried fish cake). And when they ask you if you want karashi (Japanese mustard), say yes – I love that stuff!

Konbini Onigiri

To round out our breakfast we also had some salmon and ikura onigiri. I love those triangle onigiri that come in the wrapper that keeps the nori crisp and fresh!