Apr 272011

Uosou Tsukiji

On one of the winter nights back in Tokyo, our friends took us out to a great dinner at Uosou Tsukiji.

Uosou Tsukiji

We started with a couple appetizers, the ikura below was really tasty!

Uosou Tsukiji Ikura

Then we started with the fish dishes.

Uosou Tsukiji Fish

Uosou Tsukiji Sashimi

The sashimi and sushi were both really fresh!

Uosou Tsukiji Sushi

And because we are staying away from meat, we had a fish nabe with tofu, mushrooms, and veggies that warmed us up nicely.

Uosou Tsukiji Nabe

Nabe with ponzu dipping sauce, my favorite!

Uosou Tsukiji Fish

Oct 072010

Maguro Sashimi

A couple blocks away from the Japanese doll shop, down in a basement level restaurant, was our destination for lunch. Earlier our friends had researched lunch places for us and came up with this restaurant that specializes in maguro! For the lunch special you could choose either maguro-don or sashimi.

Maguro Don

Then on top of that you could have all you could eat of the side dishes. This included miso soup, rice, salad, fruits, the fish katsu you see below and several other filling options.

Fish Katsu

Everything was delicious and with the all you can eat side dishes, it was a great deal!

Jul 302010


For lunch after our trek around Nokogiriyama, we stopped at a nearby place called The Fish. It has a large restaurant with floor to ceiling windows right next to the water (Tokyo Bay). We were able to snag a table right by the windows so we had great views with lunch!

At the Fish, there is also an area between the parking lot and restaurant where you can buy all kinds of omiyage like tsukemono, wakame, manju, and of course fish. We bought some tsukemono and three boxes of a very delicious yaki manju.

For lunch I had the chirashi you see above. I loved the sprinkling of ikura all around! He had the tendon you see below. Both were good, very tasty!

Tendon at The Fish

May 022009

Kazusaya Restaurant

Last year through our Tokyo friends we met another group of Tokyoites. We had a barbecue in Waikiki and had a great time!

Kazusaya Restaurant

One person that I made friends with that day is a restaurant owner from Tokyo who sent me a very nice gift after his return to Japan. He also said that when we were in Tokyo again, to come by his restaurant for dinner. So here we were at his restaurant in Asakusa…Kazusaya.

Kazusaya Restaurant

Almost the whole group that we met last summer was there taking up pretty much the whole downstairs area of this cozy restaurant.

Kazusaya Restaurant

On this night we were enjoying massive quantities of sashimi, seafood nabe, tamagoyaki, many different appetizers…

Kazusaya Restaurant

Kazusaya Restaurant

Kazusaya Restaurant

We also had this unusual cut of tuna that was so juicy and delicious!

Kazusaya Restaurant

To get here, after visiting Sensoji Temple we headed east until we hit the Sumida River. We walked north for about five minutes until Kototoi bashi (bridge). Crossing this blue bridge, you can see Tokyo Sky Tree ahead. It was on our left about a block after the end of the bridge.

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